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IASP Pain Winter School in Europe: Pain Train 2021 Resilience to chronic pain: molecules to behavior to interventions

Chronic pain remains a global health problem and a challenge to basic and clinical research. The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) is dedicated to improving pain education as a salient approach towards understanding and treating pain. The main goal of this Pain Winter School, in harmony with the programs of IASP, is to address fundamental mechanisms of resilience to pain and explore strategies to develop novel therapeutic principles from insights gained from basic research on susceptibility vs. resilience to pain. The international gender-balanced faculty reflects not only a diversity of participating nations and disciplines in pain research, but also of experimental focus on preclinical/experimental models and clinical research. The school has a vibrant and exciting research and training program, including lectures from top international multidisciplinary faculty, hands-on methods workshops, trainee presentations, structured scientific debates involving trainees and faculty, workshops for advanced trainees on developing concepts for initiating and planning their independent research groups, individual mentoring sessions with experienced faculty mentors that can be booked by trainees and lots of time for interpersonal interactions in a relaxed setting. 

The Winter School will take place in the historical old sector of the beautiful city of Heidelberg, Germany, which is easily accessible via public transportation. The number of trainees is limited to 40 to ensure close, personal interactions.

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